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Principal Investigator

Research Associates

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doc Alumni

  • Ruben Perez. Current position:  Assistant Professor, Royal Military College of Canada.
  • Graeme Kennedy. Current position:  Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Turaj Ashuri. Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.

PhD Alumni

  • Rhea Liem, May 2015, "Multimission Fuel-Burn Minimization in Aircraft Design: A Surrogate-Modeling Approach". Current position: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Andrew Lambe, May 2015, "Matrix-Free Methods for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization". Current position: Post-doctoral fellow, York University.
  • John Hwang, Dec 2014, "A modular approach to the large-scale design optimization of aerospace systems". Current position: Post-doctoral fellow, University of Michigan.
  • Zhoujie (Peter) Lyu, Dec 2014, "High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Design Optimization of Aircraft Configurations". Current position: Engineer, COMSOL.
  • Nansi Xue, Dec 2013, "Design and Optimization of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric-Vehicle Applications". Current position: Battery engineer, Zee Aero.
  • Wenbo Du, Jul 2013, "Multi-Scale Modeling, Surrogate-Based Analysis, and Optimization of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Vehicle Applications" (co-advised with Prof. Wei Shyy). Current position: Research Specialist, Illinois Applied Research Institute.
  • Gaetan Kenway, Feb 2013, "A Scalable Parallel Approach for Multi-Point High-Fidelity Aerostructural Optimization of Aircraft Configurations"
  • Graeme Kennedy, Aug 2012, "Aerostructural Analysis and Design Optimization of Composite Aircraft",  Current position:  Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kai James, Apr 2012, "Aerostructural Shape and Topology Optimization of Aircraft Wings". Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois.
  • Sohrab Haghighat, Apr 2012, "Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of A Highly Flexible Aeroservoelastic Wing" (co-advised with Prof. Hugh Liu). Current position: Researcher, Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Charles Mader, Feb 2012, "Stability-Constrained Aerodynamic Shape Optimization with Applications to Flying Wings"
  • Alan Yu, Dec 2008,  “A Configurable B-Spline Parameterization Method for Structural Optimization of Wing Boxes”

Masters Alumni

  • Tristan Dhert, "High-fidelity aerodynamic shape optimization of wind turbine blades". (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  • Sander van den Broek, "Towards High-Fidelity Aeroelastic Analysis of Wind Turbines". (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  • Cody Paige, Nov 2012, "Extension of the ADjoint approach to a laminar Navier-Stokes solver". Current position: Projects Engineer, Bombardier Aerospace.
  • Fredyanto Koko, Aug 2011 , “Aerostructural and Trajectory Optimization of Morphing Wingtip Devices” (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  • Edmund Lee, Aug 2011, “Structural Topology Optimization with Design Dependent Loads”
  • Ryan Henderson, Aug 2009, “Aircraft Conceptual Design Optimization with Emissions Minimization”
  • Quinn Thomson, Aug 2009,  “Automatic Implementation or Response-Surface-Based MDO Algorithms”
  • Peter Jansen, Aug 2009, “Aerostructural Optimization of Nonplanar Lifting Surfaces”
  • Scott Moon, May 2009,  “Wing Aerostructural Optimization with Aeroelastic Constraints”
  • Christopher Marriage, Aug 2008, “Automatic Implementation of MDO Algorithms”
  • Ian Chittick, Aug 2007, “A New Subspace Optimization Method for Aero-structural Design”
  • Charles Mader, Aug 2007,  “ADjoint: An Approach for the Rapid Development of Discrete Adjoint Solvers”
  • Nathan Tedford, Aug 2006, “Comparison of MDO Architectures within a Universal Framework”
  • Nicholas Poon, Aug 2005, “Adaptive Constraint Aggregation for Design Optimization Using Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis”
  • Praveen Thokala, Aug 2005, “Airfoil Shape Optimization Using Variable-Complexity Methods”