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Principal Investigator

Research Investigators

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doc Alumni

  1. Ruben Perez. Assistant Professor, Royal Military College of Canada.
  2. Graeme Kennedy. Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  3. Turaj Ashuri. Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.

PhD Alumni

  1. Rhea Liem, May 2015, "Multimission Fuel-Burn Minimization in Aircraft Design: A Surrogate-Modeling Approach". Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  2. Andrew Lambe, May 2015, "Matrix-Free Methods for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization". Post-doctoral fellow, York University.
  3. John Hwang, Dec 2014, "A modular approach to the large-scale design optimization of aerospace systems". Post-doctoral fellow, University of Michigan.
  4. Zhoujie (Peter) Lyu, Dec 2014, "High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Design Optimization of Aircraft Configurations". Applications Engineer, COMSOL.
  5. Nansi Xue, Dec 2013, "Design and Optimization of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric-Vehicle Applications". Aerospace engineer, Zee Aero.
  6. Wenbo Du, Jul 2013, "Multi-Scale Modeling, Surrogate-Based Analysis, and Optimization of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Vehicle Applications" (co-advised with Prof. Wei Shyy).
  7. Gaetan Kenway, Feb 2013, "A Scalable Parallel Approach for Multi-Point High-Fidelity Aerostructural Optimization of Aircraft Configurations". Research Investigator, University of Michigan.
  8. Graeme Kennedy, Aug 2012, "Aerostructural Analysis and Design Optimization of Composite Aircraft". Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  9. Kai James, Apr 2012, "Aerostructural Shape and Topology Optimization of Aircraft Wings". Assistant Professor, University of Illinois.
  10. Sohrab Haghighat, Apr 2012, "Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of A Highly Flexible Aeroservoelastic Wing" (co-advised with Prof. Hugh Liu). Researcher, Mitsubishi Electric.
  11. Charles Mader, Feb 2012, "Stability-Constrained Aerodynamic Shape Optimization with Applications to Flying Wings". Research Investigator, University of Michigan.
  12. Alan Yu, Dec 2008,  “A Configurable B-Spline Parameterization Method for Structural Optimization of Wing Boxes”. Senior Model Risk Specialist, BMO Financial Group.

Masters Alumni

  1. Tristan Dhert, "High-fidelity aerodynamic shape optimization of wind turbine blades". (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  2. Sander van den Broek, "Towards High-Fidelity Aeroelastic Analysis of Wind Turbines". (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  3. Cody Paige, Nov 2012, "Extension of the ADjoint approach to a laminar Navier-Stokes solver". Projects Engineer, Bombardier Aerospace.
  4. Fredyanto Koko, Aug 2011 , “Aerostructural and Trajectory Optimization of Morphing Wingtip Devices” (TUDelft Masters thesis)
  5. Edmund Lee, Aug 2011, “Structural Topology Optimization with Design Dependent Loads”
  6. Ryan Henderson, Aug 2009, “Aircraft Conceptual Design Optimization with Emissions Minimization”
  7. Quinn Thomson, Aug 2009,  “Automatic Implementation or Response-Surface-Based MDO Algorithms”
  8. Peter Jansen, Aug 2009, “Aerostructural Optimization of Nonplanar Lifting Surfaces”
  9. Scott Moon, May 2009,  “Wing Aerostructural Optimization with Aeroelastic Constraints”
  10. Christopher Marriage, Aug 2008, “Automatic Implementation of MDO Algorithms”
  11. Ian Chittick, Aug 2007, “A New Subspace Optimization Method for Aero-structural Design”
  12. Charles Mader, Aug 2007,  “ADjoint: An Approach for the Rapid Development of Discrete Adjoint Solvers”
  13. Nathan Tedford, Aug 2006, “Comparison of MDO Architectures within a Universal Framework”
  14. Nicholas Poon, Aug 2005, “Adaptive Constraint Aggregation for Design Optimization Using Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis”. Assistant Vice President,
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  15. Praveen Thokala, Aug 2005, “Airfoil Shape Optimization Using Variable-Complexity Methods”