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Selected Presentations:

[PDF] [VideoEnabling large-scale MDO through adjoint sensitivity analysis • NAFEMS Optimisation Special Interest Group • December 2019.

[PDFPerspectives on Aerodynamic Design Optimization • AIAA SciTech Forum • Orlando, FL • January 2020. (see also full paper)

[PDFThe Adjoint Method in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization • AIAA SciTech Forum • Orlando, FL • January 2020. (Presentation in honor of Prof. Jameson’s 85th birthday)

[PDFCFD-based Aircraft Design Optimization • International Conference on Flow Dynamics, plenary lecture • Sendai, Japan • November 2019.

[PDF] Evolution of derivative computation, coupled adjoints, and OpenMDAO: a personal perspective • OpenMDAO Workshop • Ohio Aerospace Institute • October 2019.

[PDF] Promise and Challenges of MDO for the Next Generation of Aircraft • AIAA Aviation MDO Keynote • Atlanta • June 2018.

[PDFEnabling Large-scale Multidisciplinary Design Optimization through Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis • AIAA Scitech • San Diego • January 2019. (Presentation honoring Prof. Haftka's seminal contributions and how they influenced MDO Lab research; see also the full paper.)  

[PDFWing Design via Numerical Optimization: Are we there yet?  • EUROGEN Keynote • Madrid, Spain • September 2017.
(See below for a video in English presenting similar slides).
[Video] Optimisation numérique de la conception d’une aile d’avion: Rêve ou réalité? • CERFACS, Toulouse, France • March 2016.
(See above for slides similar to presented here). 
[PDF] [AudioLarge-Scale Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aerospace Systems • SIAM Conference on Optimization Keynote • San Diego • May 2014.
[PDFRANS-based Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Investigations of the Common Research Model • AIAA SciTech • National Harbor, MD • January 2014.
[PDFA Very Short Course on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. • Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil • April 2013.
[PDFAerostructural Optimization of Nonplanar Lifting Surfaces. • 2010.