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GeoMACH: Geometry-Centric MDAO of Aircraft Configurations with High Fidelity

GeoMACH is a tool suite currently in development with the objective of enabling multidisciplinary design, analysis, and optimization (MDAO) with high-fidelity tools in aircraft design. The rationale is to bring state-of-the-art simulations and optimization algorithms earlier in the aircraft design process, enabling rapid design space exploration with unconventional configurations, among other benefits.
The GeoMACH effort is funded by NASA’s Aeronautical Sciences program and will be integrated with OpenMDAO, an open-source framework developed at NASA Glenn Research Center. Source code for GeoMACH is hosted here, and more information can be found in the attached poster or paper, presented at the 2012 AIAA MAO conference (where it got the Best Student Paper Award).

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