Thermoacoustic Engine Trade Studies

The MDO Lab is working with researchers at the NASA Glenn Research Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory to evaluate a novel thermal management technology for use on a future hybrid electric commercial transport aircraft. Proposed by Dr. Rodger Dyson (NASA Glenn), the technology uses acoustic waves, generated with heat from the jet engines, to distribute energy to cool the aircraft’s batteries, electric motors, and other components. Thermoacoustic engine technology may be more efficient, lighter, and simpler than conventional methods to actively cool components.

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Aeropropulsive Design Optimization

The development of future sustainable aircraft relies heavily on the design and integration of advanced propulsion systems. To accelerate the design and integration of future propulsion systems, the MDO Lab is collaborating with NASA Glenn Research Center on aeropropulsive design optimization. The goal is to optimize aerodynamic shape and propulsion system simultaneously, accounting for the mutual interactions. We have applied the developed approach to a new boundary-layer ingesting aircraft concept.

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Aerostructural Optimization of Large Wind Turbine Rotors

Efficient and large-scale renewable energy systems are of fundamental importance to tackle the upcoming climate crisis. The MDO Lab, funded through the ARPA-E ATLANTIS program, is part of a multi-university effort aimed at the development of a novel computational framework for the multidisciplinary control co-design and optimization of floating wind turbines. The state-of-the-art software will enable the design of lighter and more efficient systems that have the potential to provide a large amount of carbon-free and low-cost energy for the US and global market.

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