uCRM: undeflected Common Research Model

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This Mendeley Data page contains the aerodynamic and structural geometries, meshes, and other data files for two open models for high-fidelity wing aerostructural studies:

A full explanation of how these models were developed can be found in this paper. If you use the model, please cite the paper.

The goal of these models is to provide a common benchmark for aerostructural analysis and design optimization of transonic flexible wing aircraft. These models were already used in various studies. The methods used in these optimizations were originally described in this paper. These methods have been applied to the optimization of a transonic transport aircraft and have been used in many other applications since.

The flight conditions are actual flight conditions and not the CRM wind tunnel conditions, so the Reynolds number differs. The conditions are:

The files include:

All units are in SI (kg/m/s)