Journal Article

Large-Scale Path-Dependent Optimization of Supersonic Aircraft


J. Jasa, B. Brelje, J. Gray, C. A. Mader, and J. R. R. A. Martins


Aerospace, 7(152), 2020



Aircraft are multidisciplinary systems that are challenging to design due to interactions between the subsystems. The relevant disciplines, such as aerodynamic, thermal, and propulsion systems, must be considered simultaneously using a path-dependent formulation to assess aircraft performance accurately. In this paper, we construct a coupled aero-thermal-propulsive-mission multidisciplinary model to optimize supersonic aircraft considering their path-dependent performance. This large-scale optimization problem captures non-intuitive design trades that single disciplinary models and path-independent methods cannot resolve. We present optimal flight profiles for a supersonic aircraft with and without thermal constraints. We find that the optimal flight trajectory depends on thermal system performance, showing the need to optimize considering the path-dependent multidisciplinary interactions.