Journal Article

Adaptive modeling strategy for constrained global optimization with application to aerodynamic wing design


N. Bartoli, T. Lefebvre, S. Dubreuil, R. Olivanti, R. Priem, N. Bons, J. R. R. A. Martins, and J. Morlier


Aerospace Science and Technology, 9085–102, 2019



Surrogate models are often used to reduce the cost of design optimization problems that involve computationally costly models, such as computational fluid dynamics simulations. However, the number of evaluations required by surrogate models usually scales poorly with the number of design variables, and there is a need for both better constraint formulations and multimodal function handling. To address this issue, we developed a surrogate-based gradient-free optimization algorithm that can handle cases where the function evaluations are expensive, the computational budget is limited, the functions are multimodal, and the optimization problem includes nonlinear equality or inequality constraints. The proposed algorithm—super efficient global optimization coupled with mixture of experts (SEGOMOE)—can tackle complex constrained design optimization problems through the use of an enrichment strategy based on a mixture of experts coupled with adaptive surrogate models. The performance of this approach was evaluated for analytic constrained and unconstrained problems, as well as for a multimodal aerodynamic shape optimization problem with 17 design variables and an equality constraint. Our results showed that the method is efficient and that the optimum is much less dependent on the starting point than the conventional gradient-based optimization.