Anil Yildirim Receives AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Graduate Award

Anil Yildirim receives the AIAA Gordon C. Oates Air Breathing Propulsion Graduate Award with his contributions in aeropropulsive design optimization.

Design and integration of advanced propulsion systems play a critical role in the development of environmentally sustainable aircraft. Even though these advanced technologies, such as boundary layer ingestion, offer significant aeropropulsive benefits, their design is challenging due to the tightly coupled nature of these systems, as well as the lack of previous experience with their design. Aeropropulsive design optimization offers a promising solution to these design problems where coupled models are used to maximize the aeropropulsive benefits of these propulsion systems.

In collaboration with the NASA Glenn Research Center, Anil has been developing CFD-based aeropropulsive models with the OpenMDAO framework to study the design and integration of advanced propulsion systems. Using these models, Anil studied the aeropropulsive design of STARC-ABL’s turboelectric propulsion system. These advancements bring us closer to using the ever-growing power of scientific computing in the process of designing future environmentally sustainable aircraft.

You can read more about this award here.