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Gray JS, Hwang JT, Martins JRRA, Moore KT, Naylor BA. OpenMDAO: An open-source framework for multidisciplinary design, analysis, and optimization. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. 2019 ;59(4):1075--1104.PDF icon OpenMDAO_preprint.pdf (2.75 MB) For a quick overview of what OpenMDAO is and what it does, read the introduction, the overview of applications (Sec. 7, especially Table 13), and the conclusions (Sec. 8). Potential OpenMDAO users should also read Sec. 3, which explains the basic usage and features through a simple example. The rest of the paper provides a background on MDO frameworks and the history of OpenMDAO development (Sec. 2), the theory behind OpenMDAO (Sec. 4), and the details of the major new contributions in OpenMDAO V2 in terms of multidisciplinary solvers (Sec. 5) and coupled derivative computation (Sec. 6). DOI DOI:10.1007/s00158-019-02211-z PDF File BibTex Google Scholar


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