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Performance Evaluation of a Morphing Trailing Edge Using Multipoint Aerostructural Design Optimization

TitlePerformance Evaluation of a Morphing Trailing Edge Using Multipoint Aerostructural Design Optimization
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBurdette, DA, Kenway, GKW, Martins, JRRA
Conference Name57th AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference
Date Published01/2016
Conference LocationSan Diego, CA
Keywordsadaptive, aerostructural, aerostructural optimization, compliant, MDO, morphing, morphing trailing edge, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, multipoint
New configurations and technologies like adaptive morphing trailing edges offer the potential to
improve the fuel efficiency of commercial transport aircraft. Using modern computational tools,
it has become possible to effectively analyze the extent to which this technology improves aircraft
performance. Parametrizing high fidelity structural models coupled to RANS-based aerodynamics
with hundreds of variables provides the accuracy necessary to complete a meaningful comparison
of aircraft with an without morphing wing technology. Using this computational approach, we perform
multipoint aerostructural optimization, to provide an objective function which can leverage the
adaptability provided by wing morphing. We show that for a 7-point mulitpoint, the addition of a
morphing trailing edge device along the aft 40% of the wing can reduce cruise fuel burn by more than
5%. A large portion of the savings produced by morphing trailing edges result from a significant reduction
in structural weight, enabled by adaptive maneuver load alleviation. We also show that a
smaller morphing device along the aft 30% of the wing produces nearly as much fuel burn reduction
as the larger morphing device, and that morphing technology is particularly effective for high aspect
ratio wings.
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