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Literature Survey

 Useful links for finding books and technical papers published in conference proceedings or journals.

University of Toronto Library
Books, reports, proceedings and journals. Many of them are in electronic form.
Google Scholar
A convenient search engine by Google. Not a substitute for a search in peer-reviewed archival publications.
A scientific literature digital library that aims to improve dissemination by indexing Postscript and PDF research articles that are available on the web. Not a substitute for a search in peer-reviewed archival publications.
NASA Technical Reports Server
Many of NASA's research reports, journal articles, conference and meeting papers, technical videos, mission-related operational documents, and preliminary data. All available in electronic form.
AIAA Conference Papers
AIAA meeting papers searchable citations database.
AIAA Journal Papers
Search for articles from AIAA journals or browse tables of content.
The world's largest ever abstracts database, with powerful searching and browsing tools.
ISI Web of Knowledge
One of the top journal article databases, including citation reports. This is not a free service, but UofT subscribes.
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
A journal focusing primarily on structural optimization.
Optimization and Egineering
A journal that welcomes both applied mathematicians and engineers.