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Gridding Guidelines


Gridding Guidelines For Euler Grids:

  1. Far-Field Boundary ~20-30 MAC from body.

  2. Leading Edge Spacing: ~0.1-0.2% local chord

  3. Trailing Edge Spacing: ~0.1-0.2% local chord

  4. Spanwise spacing at root: ~0.1-0.3% semi-span

  5. Spanwise spacing at tip: ~0.1% semi-span

  6. Grow spacing between body and farfield

  7. Hyperbolic spacing works well for most clustering needs

  8. Do not make abrupt changes in grid spacing

  9. Flair spacing to more uniform at farfield boundary


Extra Guidelines for RANS Grids:

  1. To resolve boundary layer need y+ of approximately 1. Use MAC for reference length

  2. Estimate the Reynolds number for the simulation. can help

  3. Go to here: to compute the required offwall spacing

  4. O-grids around wing/tail typically are the best way to go