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Multimission Aircraft Fuel Burn Minimization via Multipoint Aerostructural Optimization

TitleMultimission Aircraft Fuel Burn Minimization via Multipoint Aerostructural Optimization
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLiem, RP, Kenway, GKW, Martins, JRRA
JournalAIAA Journal
Start Page104--122
In this paper we present a new robust approach for minimizing the fuel burn of aircraft configurations using numerical optimization. Our focus is on performing
a multi-point aerostructural optimization that considers the performance at multiple flight conditions simultaneously and is representative of all the missions
flown by a given aircraft model. The goal is to avoid severe performance degradation at off-design conditions and missions, which typically occurs when performing single-point optimization. Specifically, we aim to design a fuel-efficient long-range aircraft configuration. The robustness is introduced by considering hundreds of missions within the operational flight envelope of similarly-sized aircraft, based on historical data of actual flight operations. Due to the large computational cost associated with the high-fidelity multidisciplinary analysis, kriging surrogate models are employed to allow thousands of detailed flight analyses to be performed while limiting the number of high-fidelity evaluations. The methodology is demonstrated in a fuel burn minimization problem of a long-range wide-body aircraft configuration.  A single-point optimization is performed for comparison purposes. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed multi-point optimization procedure. The multi-point optimized design consistently reduces the fuel burn acrossthe flight conditions, whereas the fuel burn reduction observed in the single-point optimization case is localized. Consequently, we see a more significant fuel burn reduction in the multi-point optimization case, as compared to the single-point one.
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