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Optimization of a Single Lithium-Ion Battery Cell with a Gradient-Based Algorithm

TitleOptimization of a Single Lithium-Ion Battery Cell with a Gradient-Based Algorithm
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsXue, N, Du, W, Gupta, A, Shyy, W, Sastry, AM, Martins, JRRA
JournalJournal of The Electrochemical Society
Start PageA1071
Date Published05/2013
Type of ArticleJournal paper
KeywordsLithium ion battery, optimization


This paper presents a numerical framework for automating the design of lithium-ion cells to maximize cell energy density while meeting specific power density requirements. The various processes in a battery cell are simulated using a physics-based electro-chemistry model. The design is automatically performed by coupling the battery model with a gradient-based optimization algorithm. We demonstrate the potential for gradient-based optimization by applying this framework to optimize the design of a lithium-ion cell with spinel manganese dioxide cathode and meso-carbon micro beads (MCMB) anode for a range of power requirements. Results indicate that variations in the electrode thickness and porosity at optimal cell designs can be quantified via active mass ratios and it
is found that the active mass ratios for optimal cell designs are independent of discharge rate.
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