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Aircraft Conceptual Design for Optimal Environmental Performance

TitleAircraft Conceptual Design for Optimal Environmental Performance
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHenderson, R, Martins, JRRA, Perez, RE
JournalThe Aeronautical Journal
KeywordsAircraft Design, emissions, environment, MDO

Consideration of the environmental impact of aircraft has become critical in commercial aviation. The continued growth of air traffic has caused increasing demands to reduce aircraft emissions, imposing new constraints on the design and development of future airplane concepts. In this paper, an aircraft design optimization framework is used to design aircraft that minimize specific environ- mental metrics. Multidisciplinary design optimization is used to optimize aircraft by simultaneously considering airframe, engine and mission. The environmental met- rics considered in this investigation are CO2 emissions — which are proportional to fuel burn — and landing-takeoff NOx emissions. The results are compared to those of an aircraft with minimum direct operating cost. The design variables considered in the optimization problems include aircraft geometry, engine parameters, and cruise settings. An augmented Lagrangian particle swarm optimizer and a genetic algorithm are used to solve the single objective and multi-objective optimization problems, respectively.

Citation KeyHenderson:2011:A