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A. Yildirim, Gray, J. S., Mader, C. A., and Martins, J. R. R. A., Aeropropulsive Design Optimization of a Boundary Layer Ingestion System, in AIAA AVIATION Forum, Dallas, TX, 2019.PDF icon Yildirim2019a-Aeropropulsive Design Optimization of a Boundary Layer Ingestion System.pdf (28.31 MB)
B. J. Brelje and Martins, J. R. R. A., Coupled component sizing and aerodynamic shape optimization via geometric constraints, in AIAA AVIATION Forum, 2019.
S. He, Jonsson, E., Mader, C. A., and Martins, J. R. R. A., A Coupled Newton--Krylov Time Spectral Solver for Wing Flutter and LCO Prediction, in AIAA AVIATION Forum, 2019.PDF icon main.pdf (2.52 MB)
B. J. Brelje, Anibal, J. L., Yildirim, A., Mader, C. A., and Martins, J. R. R. A., Flexible Formulation of Spatial Integration Constraints in Aerodynamic Shape Optimization, in 57th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (SciTech), San Diego, CA, 2019.PDF icon mdolab_preprint.pdf (3.38 MB)
A. Yildirim, Kenway, G. K. W., Mader, C. A., and Martins, J. R. R. A., A Jacobian-free approximate Newton–Krylov startup strategy for RANS simulations, Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 397, 2019.PDF icon Yildirim2019b-A Jacobian-free approximate Newton--Krylov startup strategy for RANS simulations.pdf (3.84 MB)
M. Mangano and Martins, J. R. R. A., Multipoint Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for Subsonic and Supersonic Regimes, in 2019 AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, 2019.PDF icon Multipoint Aerodynamic Shape Oprimization for Supersonic and Subsonic Regimes - Mangano-Martins-SciTech-2019.pdf (6.69 MB)
M. H. Aa. Madsen, Zahle, F., and Sørensen, N. N., Multipoint high-fidelity CFD-based aerodynamic shape optimization of a 10 MW wind turbine, Wind Energy Science, vol. 4, pp. 163–192, 2019.PDF icon Madsen2019-Multipoint high-fidelity CFD-based aerodynamic shape optimization.pdf (8.38 MB)
N. R. Secco and Martins, J. R. R. A., RANS-Based Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Strut-Braced Wing with Overset Meshes, Journal of Aircraft, vol. 56, pp. 217-227, 2019.PDF icon sbw2018_preprint.pdf (11.18 MB)
X. He, Li, J., Mader, C. A., Yildirim, A., and Martins, J. R. R. A., Robust aerodynamic shape optimization–-from a circle to an airfoil, Aerospace Science and Technology, vol. 87, pp. 48–61, 2019.PDF icon He2019-Robust aerodynamic shape optimization---from a circle to an airfoil.pdf (14.02 MB)
Y. Liao, Garg, N., Martins, J. R. R. A., and Young, Y. L., Viscous Fluid Structure Interaction Response of Composite Hydrofoils, Composite Structures, vol. 212, pp. 571–585, 2019.PDF icon Liao2019a_preprint.pdf (4.15 MB)